Uncertainty around, Indians willing to invest in upskilling

Around 73% of Indians — compared to the global average of 55% — are showing increased interest in pursuing further education/upskilling in the current economic climate, a new study has revealed.

Even as two in three Indians approached household spending with caution by spending primarily on healthcare, medicine and groceries, education is perceived by Indians as a necessary and worthwhile investment for career growth in a scenario marked by technological disruptions and economic uncertain.

At 82%, online is the preferred medium to pursue further education for the surveyed Indian professionals, who believe upskilling will enable them to stand out in the job market and provide greater career opportunities. Nine in 10 believe online learning adoption will increase in the near future.

“The global workforce is currently battling several challenges to stay relevant — from technological disruptions to economic uncertainties. We understand from our Indian learners that education is a top priority and interest in online learning continues to grow,” said Mohan Kannegal, CEO, India and APAC, Emeritus.

About 84% of Indians agree that pursuing further education will give them an edge to compete better against their peers. Of Indian professionals, 86% also said a high-quality up ..

Indians look to education for confidence and as a safety net, the survey found, with 86% of the professionals surveyed agreeing that further education was hugely helpful in building their skills. Indians cited ‘increasing job security’ as one of the key motivations to pursue further education, besides promotions and career advancement. Upskilling, they felt, also helped them stand out in the job market.

Indians are increasingly looking to work at companies that offer educational benefits. Among the respondents, nearly nine in 10 work with companies that provide upskilling opportunities. Among them, two-thirds have witnessed an increase in employee contribution in the past year to their organisations as a result of continued education.

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