Accede Pro- Talent

Partner with skilled IT professionals possessing the exact expertise your business requires. Through Accede Pro Talent, an integral component of our service, we facilitate the provision of top-tier specialists for specific durations, tailored to your company’s projects.

Even if our current pool of resources does not feature the ideal candidate, our network of experienced recruiters and innovative talent pooling approach equips us to swiftly locate and recruit the right individual. Our operation is rooted in referrals, ensuring we present you with exceptional employees who possess verified technical prowess, aligned with your precise needs.

The IT Contracting solution empowers you to rapidly initiate projects. Its adaptable nature permits you to select the necessary competencies at various project stages, eliminating the need for permanent team expansions. By tapping into our contact database, we guarantee that projects commence on schedule, even when seeking candidates for the most demanding roles.

Engage in collaboration and make informed decisions about permanent staffing. Furthermore, IT Contracting serves as a pathway to securing a perfect long-term employee, facilitated by the optional Accede Pro Try&Hire service. Should the performance of a contracted specialist meet your expectations while working on a specific project, you have the choice to transition them into a permanent role.

Benefits of Contract Hiring

Cost Optimization

Saving time

Flexibility of corporation

100% Fit Guarantee

What collaboration possibilities are there?

Based on your recruitment requirements, you have the opportunity to leverage different modes of partnership with Talent Place. Delve into the array of accessible options and select the one that aligns most effectively with your project.

  • Accede Pro Talent
  • Accede Pro Try&Hire